3 Most Frequently Asked Questions — Answered

Really inspired by TechPrefab’s new technology and wall panel systems in the video? Now, you’re probably curious about cost, timing, and code compliance. Below, we dive into these three popular topics to give you clear answers to these commonly asked questions.

Q1. How much does a TechPrefab ADU cost?

Our average cost is 300-350/sqft (Bay Area). The beauty of our pricing? That’s the complete cost—including everything from site evaluation, to permit creation and submission, and the fully completed unit with fixtures and appliances. The foundation is wrapped up into that price too—there are no surprise fees with TechPrefab. What is not included in this price is the permit fee, PV installation (if applicable), and site clearances for the non-flat site.

Q2. What is the advantage of Light Steel over wood? Do materials have certifications?

Light steel is a conventional framing material in North American. It is also a sustainable material that can potentially earn more than 20 LEED points. LGS is also termite-free, fire-resistant, that brings benefits to our customers, such as low maintenance and low home insurance.

Usually, Light steel is more expensive and used in commercial buildings or luxury residential houses. However, Techprefab is lowering the cost by leveraging an “Apple” like supply-chain model, outsourcing material production to our overseas plants.

The materials have ASTM testing reports and SGS certification.

Q3. How long does the whole process take?

Since regulations changed in January 2020, the process to build an ADU has never been faster. The first step is getting your ADU approved, and the planning department must review your project in 60 days or less. Following approval, our average build takes about 2 months to complete (exclude the inspection waiting time). Typically, six months for the whole process. The timeline for each project will vary slightly, depending on its location and scope of work.

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