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TechPreFab represents some of its work, you can check below-

Wooden Panel System

Tech Prefab builds high-performance prefabricated wall systems at our partnered state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

High-performance Insulation

Structural Sheathing

(OSB or plywood)

Tech Prefab’s wall panel system is a unique layered approach to building. The idea is to separate the building’s interior and exterior into functional layers.

Examples of layers would be structure, thermal, electrical, plumbing, communications, and finishes.

MORE Flexible and compatible wIth conventional construction approach. Easier to work with your architecture firms and local general contractors.

Greater onsite efficiency is made possible by TechPreFab’s inherent material and assembly attributes. By moving labor upstream and offsite, fewer workers are required onsite as compared
with traditionally built structures.

TechPreFab has been contracted by the Syracuse University to deliver two labs on the university campus. Using our simplified, prefab design approach and proprietary BIMportTM platform, we were able to develop 75% construction drawing done in just 2 weeks.


At Tech Prefab, we provide top-notch construction materials and high-quality finishes so that your new home will be safe, durable, and beautiful.

Exterior Finishes are the outside covering that protects your home against the outside weather. Exterior finished walls also add extra elements to the decoration of the house.

Interior finishes encompass all the natural and synthetic materials and devices used to cover the interior structure to enhance its service and aesthetic qualities.

Windows open a passage of light to brighten your house in the day. It is an essential part of the house that not only improves the aesthetic views but significantly affects you and your family well-beings.

No home is complete without a kitchen. It is the hub and most utilized space in your home, it is where the true magic happens of sharing, communication, and bonding.

A finished bathroom can offer that momentary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stresses of the day with a nice hot shower or warm bath.

Our unique steel panel is termite-free, mold, and fire-resistant. The system is high quality, fast construction, and low maintenance. It is also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Exterior Finishes

Exterior Finishes are the outside covering that protects your home against the outside weather. Exterior finished walls also add extra elements to the decoration of the house.

Fiber cement siding is a durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance material. It’s a semi-rigid material that provides substantial protection, while still maintaining some flexibility.

Standing seam metal siding & roofing uses a raised seam to connect panels together. This results in an unbelievably high-performing panel no matter the range of environmental conditions.

Timber effect cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings. Our composite cladding provides a hardwearing, protective layer against the elements and is an excellent insulator.

Asphalt shingles are popular because they blend looks, longevity, and a reasonable price, and they are typically the easiest to install, saving labor costs.

TPF provides pre-paint fiber cement that saves onsite work, with rich colors and more evenly distributed textures.

TPF Seamlock is easy to install, long-lasting metal sidings that adds modern style to your house.

Windows Doors

Tech Prefab creates windows and doors inspired by how people live. Our products are all hand-crafted and custom-made to your design.

Energy-efficient aluminum framing, custom-made for your home. Variety applications including skylight, windows and sliding doors.

Frame thickness: 3″

Aluminum: Powder Coating

Hardware: KSBG

Glass: 3/16″ + 5/8″ Argon + 3/16″ temper

Super energy-efficient aluminum windows. Customize to PG-25 and above tightness standard.

Frame thickness: 3-1/2″

Wood: Red Pine

Aluminum: Powder Coating

Hardware: ROTO, HOPPE

Glass: 3/16″ + 5/8″ Argon + 3/16″ temper

Light Steel

  • Wood Slab
  • Steel Truss
  • Concrete Slab

Prefabricated Interior Wall Panels

Infillers For Sound & Heat Insulation

Pre-cut Structure For Electric Wire

Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels

Precision-designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by TechPrefab’s integrated team and its manufacturers. These systems ensure energy conservation, speed and cost-efficiency without any gaps, delays or misunderstandings while allowing for full customization.

As TechPrefab’s standard QA process, we pre-install your future house to ensure no issues during on-site construction. All the framing for a home can be done in 8 hours with just 3 people on-site.

CLT | Prefab | Commercial

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is a pre-fabricated, engineered wood building material with unique and often superior building, aesthetic, environmental, and cost attributes. CLT wood panels are made by pressing perpendicular layers of lumber together with a layer of formaldehyde-free adhesive.

  • Potential for increased floor-to-ceiling height
  • Thinner overall floor
  • Reduced weight on footings, gravity load, and bracing requirements
  • Biophilic design: a natural beauty that cannot be replicated with other fabricated materials
  • Cost-competitive with other building material options.
  • Simplified designs that facilitate easy installation
  • Fewer panel picks due to large panel size
  • Fewer workers are required onsite

“The prefabricated, panelized nature of CLT results in construction times that are up to 30% faster than conventional concrete & steel buildings. This savings is driven by efficiencies in both materials production and onsite assembly.”

–Weili Xu, CTO of TechPrefab

  • Prefabricated structural elements are safe to work above and below once installed
  • Concurrent completion of walls and floors reduce incidence of falls
  • Fewer power tools and truck deliveries are required
  • Less construction site noise

Developers and builders seeking to enter this market will benefit from expanded building code permissions. In December 2018, The International Code Council (ICC) released voting results on Tall Wood Building amendments to the 2021 International Building Code (which are already adopted in Washington State, Oregon, and Utah).


Our projects range from ADUs to multi-story buildings. Explore the portfolio below showcasing the diversity & experience of

our design and production team.

What can we build together with you? 


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Type: Multi-Story Home

Work: Materials, Construction Management, Architecture & Engineering

Status: In Design

Location: San Jose, CA

Type: ADU

Work: Materials, Construction Management, Architecture & Engineering

Status: Under Construction

Location: ADU, CA

Type: ADU

Work: Materials, Construction Management, Architecture & Engineering

Status: In Design

Location: Syracuse, NY

​Type: Labs

Work: Materials, Construction Management, Architecture & Engineering

Status: In Design